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BibleMax Weymouth Bible

BibleMax module featuring Weymouth's version of the New Testament
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The Weymouth Bible, also known as The New Testament in Modern Speech or as The Modern Speech New Testament, is a 19th Century translation of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Epistles and Revelation, made by Richard Francis Weymouth, an English Bible scholar. Weymouth's aim was to interpret the New Testament as if the original authors (the Four Evangelists, Paul the Apostle, Peter, John, Thadeus and so on) wrote their texts using the 19th Century English, thus conveying their message in a more familiar way to common people of that time. This work was first published in 1903, after Weymouths death, and remains a very popular Bible version among Christians of all denominations.

BibleMaximum has issued this important and useful work as a module for their BibleMax software. BibleMax is a utility for reading and studying the Bible, as well as other Bible-related texts. You can add as many modules to the core program as you need. You can get Weymouth's Bible version, along with many other Biblical translations, commentaries, devotionals and other texts by ordering the free CD and paying only the duplication, printing, postage and handling costs.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Historically valuable.
  • Useful for comparison purposes


  • It only contains the New Testament.
  • It only works with BibleMax software.
  • Can be obtained only by ordering the free CD
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